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Fiscal Goals

  • Balanced Budget and no further Suspension of Congressional Budget and Impound Control Act (1974)

  • Suspension of all federal grants and Foreign Aid until they can be funded without adding to debt, especially those directly opposed to American ideals

  • "Entitlements"

  • Path to fixed monetary standard to stop the government’s ability to tax by means of inflation

Why Is This Important?

These goals collectively contribute to responsible fiscal management, economic stability, and the preservation of national values, which are essential for sustainable and principled governance.

  • Balancing a budget ensures that government spending does not exceed revenue, promoting fiscal responsibility. The Congressional Budget Control Act (1974) provides a framework for managing federal spending, preventing unchecked deficits and promoting financial stability.

  • Suspending grants and foreign aid until they can be funded without adding to debt reflects a commitment to financial prudence. This helps prioritize domestic needs and prevents the accumulation of unsustainable debt, aligning with responsible fiscal management.

  • Addressing entitlement programs ensures their sustainability and prevents fiscal strain. Evaluating and potentially reforming these programs can contribute to long-term fiscal health, ensuring resources are available for those in need without compromising the nation's financial stability.

  • Implementing a fixed monetary standard helps stabilize the economy by preventing the government from using inflation as a means of taxation. This ensures that the value of currency remains relatively constant, promoting economic confidence and protecting citizens from the eroding effects of inflation.

With the implementation of these goals, we can create a more sound and responsible financial foundation for our country.​

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