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  • Repeal of NFA 1934, Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, Gun Control Act of 1968, 18 U.S. Code Chapter 44, FOPA of 1986 including House Amendment 777. ZERO Tolerance for 2A infringement.

  • Deportation of ALL illegal aliens and removal through impeachment of all senior leadership at any of the departments or agencies responsible for the purposeful betrayal of US Citizens by promoting the invasion of millions of criminals.

  • Liquidate all excessive unconstitutional Federal land ownership.

Image by Anthony Garand

Why Is This Important?

These goals highlight a focus on individual liberties, national security, and constitutional principles.

  • The repeal of gun control acts and legislation reflects a commitment to individual rights and Second Amendment freedoms. Zero tolerance for infringement underscores a strong stance on protecting citizens' constitutional rights.

  • Deportation of all illegal aliens and holding accountable those promoting invasion by means of impeachment aims to safeguard national security and prioritize the wellbeing of citizens.

  • Liquidating excessive federal land ownership emphasizes adherence to constitutional limits and ensures balanced distribution of resources.

These goals underscore a commitment to individual liberties, national security, and responsible governance.​

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