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Congress 2024

Hank Dunlap

Hank Dunlap

I was born in Western Pennsylvania in 1972. Growing up in the rust belt, I experienced first-hand the effects of globalization and the even worse results of governmental intervention of putting band aids on symptoms rather than addressing the root cause. Our house burnt down in 1976 which left our family of eight homeless and having no money. This is the backdrop that set the trajectory for most of my early life although the depressive environment never took root of defining me.
What eventually defined me was working hard at blue collar jobs with other hard-working men who influenced me greatly with their strong character and pride in sweating for a living. I never obtained a college degree or had a salary job. I am proud that I am just a regular guy that can relate to the majority of the population because I have experienced many of the same hardships and blessings as they have.
I decided to run for Congress because I don't believe the people of District 12 are having their voices heard in Washington. What we see are issues in D.C. (inflation, injustice, anti-American sentiment, tyrannical regulations, private/public collusion) not being fought against, these issues are repeatedly getting votes of funding by the current representation. Perhaps I might be mistaken, and it's possible that my neighbors may not be fully prepared for the drastic measures that are required to save our great nation. If that is the case, may God help us. However, it is within my hopes that you are ready to get serious and finally move the Overton window in our favor for a change. If you are, be sure to vote in the next primary election, and I strongly urge you to compel as many as you can to do the same.

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