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  • Dissolution of FBI & ATF.

  • Removal through impeachment of all senior leadership at any of the departments or agencies responsible for the treachery of Covid Response.


Why Is This Important?

These goals reflect a commitment to maintaining a balance between government authority and individual rights, with a focus on accountability and constitutional principles.

  • The dissolution of the FBI and ATF may be seen as a measure to address concerns about government overreach and ensure a more limited role in law enforcement.

  • Impeachment of senior leadership related to the COVID response would be to reflect the significance of accountability. Covid was used by the system as a test to gauge the American public’s resistance to usurpation of unconstitutional authority, which we horribly failed. One positive that came out of the test is we are now able to identify those who are willing to use their power to subjugate the citizens. Impeachment would emphasize the cruciality of safeguarding individual freedoms and preventing abuse of power.

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